Bernalier Parent Dogs

Bernalier Pups Mom and Dad Dogs

Bernalier Parent Dogs

Below we’ve included a little bit of information and some photos for each of the Bernalier parent dogs in our Bernalier program.

Eve, the 75 lb Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

At 75 lbs, this sweet girl has the most gentle nature. Eve is beautiful both in looks and spirit. We love this wonderful dog who has made the best mama!

Millie, the 78 lb Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Millie, a 78 lb Bernese Mountain Dog. finds joy being right with her people. One of her favorite pastimes is a good petting session. Her gentle demeanor is accented by her easy going personality. She’s a wonderful dog in our lives!

Mitch, the 24 lb Cavalier King Charles Dad

A gorgeous, happy-go-lucky, 18 lb tricolor, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mitch just brings a smile to his family’s life. He has a great, easygoing personality that pairs well with his lovable spirit that makes him such an amazing dog (and dad)!